Outside School Hours Care

Our Commitment

As parents, we are constantly balancing the needs of our families with the resources we have – and the work is never done. 3C Kidz Care cannot do everything for you, but we can support you with fantastic, flexible and affordable outside of school hour’s care.

Our multi-cultural care centres are staffed by Christian educators who are absolutely passionate about developing the potential of your child. Everything we do encourages our students to find and fulfil God’s will in their lives, develop Christian character and pursue excellence, in a secure and nurturing environment.

Part of supporting you as a parent is by helping smooth the daily transition between school activities and home activities, making it as seamless as possible. We do this by providing healthy meals/snacks, quiet homework and reading sessions, play, devotion and prayer time. This means more fun time and less stress when you get home.

We cannot take your place as parents but our commitment to Christian education, through our Christian staff and inspirational activities, ensures that your child experiences consistent values at home, at school and in our care centres.

You know how unique and precious your child is, and we do too. We believe that each child can reach their fullest potential through a personal relationship with God. We support that by recognising each child’s strengths and abilities. Our staff support children’s self-paced development (social, emotional, physical, intellectual and spiritual) by treating them with respect, love and encouragement. Our care centres provide environments that that nurture each child’s sense of being, belonging, self-esteem, acceptance, freedom, and trust while challenging them to grow and discover.